About us

MEDZIO GAUSA – main business is wood processing, wholesale and retail of wood products.

Our partners - suppliers from northern Europe and Russia, which ensures reliable and carefully selected wood materials. Prepared, neatly packaged products delivered to any part of Lithuania or others parts of Europe.


Our product range includes:

Interior and exterior claddings of spruce, larch and pine.

Decking of Siberian larch, or spruce and pine decking with pressure impregnation.

Wide floor board assortment of pine, spruce or oak

Strength grading timber

Construction wood for roofing

Various impregnated timber

Other treated timber for the wood furniture industry


We also provide the following services:

Special profiles according to customer's drawings or wishes

Pressure impregnation, coating or other special timber treatments

Product delivery in the shortest possible time


MEDZIO GAUSA through our working experience has got a name of reliable supplier for quality timber products. Our products are suitable for both traditional and modern architecture: commercial buildings, residential buildings, tourism cottages and hotels.

MEDZIO GAUSA choose only the reliable suppliers that meet the highest environmental standards, the wood comes from legal and sustainable supervised by an independent certified forests. Most of our product range in line with internationally recognized certification systems including FSC and PEFC.