Beams for decking

Terraces must have steady constructional basis, as many other things in life, and, of course, in constructions all the bases are very important. Usually, the framework is formed from wooden beams: the main framework is made out of wider 50x150 - 200 mm beams and then, on them, supporting 50x100 mm beams are attached. Beams are arranged in a parallel to one another with equal spaces. The recommended space is 40-50cm. 

It is recommend to protect the wood with impregnates from various weather conditions, vermin and rotting. Also it is very important to impregnate end of beams and other places of incision very well. You should choose mounting elements that are intended for outdoor use, zinced and the ones that are protected from corrosion. Studs should be with ‘annulet stem’, so that when the weather conditions change, they would not have a possibility to rise above the surface of terrace plank.

It is advised to use only dried wood for the beams and it is possible to choose products of double-cut wood or planed wood. Beams are also impregnated with brown or green colour. 






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