Constructional timber

Constructional timber is unprocessed timber used as a constructional material; it includes all kinds of boards, girders, battens, rafters, beams, etc. Thickness, width and length of constructional timber products may vary.

Standard thickness of constructional timber is 25,50 mm. width - 20, 30, 50, 70, 75, 100, 125, 150,200 mm.

Length of constructional timber products is 3.0 –6.0 m.

Timber may be raw, i.e. non-dried and dried. Most common timber in constructions is dried (12-20% of moisture) timber. Timber that was dried in technical way is stable, can withstand heavy loads, is a lot more lasting and resistant to decay, mold and fungus. If a non-dried timber is used in roof constructions, it shrinks, distorts and may start to decay while it is drying. 


Thickn./Width (mm)50100125150200 
25 x x x x x
30 x x x x x
35 x x x x x
40 x x x x x
50 x x x x x
60 x x x x x
70 x x x x x
80 x x x x x
100 x x x x x
150 x x x x x
200 x x x x x


Length: 2,0 – 6,0 m

* In addition to these standard sizes, we can produce the double-cut wood and planed timber products according to the given sizes and drawings. 


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