Fencing poles

Fence poles are one of the key items of a fence, the mounting of wooden fence begins from them. It is advisable at first to measure the distance and places where the poles will be. Corner and other poles that can sustain high weight and high wind pressure are the most important. Dig the holes and add some small stones or some shovels of gravel to the bottom, it will help to prevent moisture surplus for the pole base. 
If you have chosen wooden poles, it is advisable to choose them impregnated earlier on, this protects the wood from decay in contact with ground. It is best to fix poles in the holes with concrete or earth. Choosing the fixation by concrete the mistake is to put the concrete first and then put the pole. Mounting like these forms a concrete cup around the wooden pole and this cup in the future will collect water and the pole will begin to decay form the bottom. To avoid this it is recommended to put the wooden pole at first and the pour concrete, this course will form a concrete collar around the pole. Also it is advisable to make a slope after fixation, this will prevent the accumulation of slack water.





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After the mounting of poles wait for a few days before mounting of other elements of the fence, it is recommended to make backs at those sides where other items will be joined. Don’t forget the pole tops, they have to protected from moisture by cases in order to be long-lived.
The next step in construction of wooden fence is the rails attachment to the poles. The rail can be nailed to the upper surface of the pole, but usually it is attached to the pole’s side, it is nailed, a groove is made in a pole, wooden blocks are added. After the mounting rails have to be attaché to the fence plate.
It is advisable to use impregnated wood for the fence poles. The wood processing method can be double cutting or moisture.
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