Floor beams

Wooden floor must have steady construction basis for which beams, also called balks, are used.

Wooden floor is paved directly onto the concrete or the boards are lifted from the paving with the help of beams. Lifted wooden floor creates space for equipment of heating, isolation, plumbing and electricity.

Framework is produced out of the wooden beams that are arranged in a parallel to one another with equal distances. Recommended distance is 40 – 50 cm. The most widely used dimensions for floor beams: 50x100 mm, 50x150 mm, 50x200 mm. If beams stand next to the basis, it is advisable to protect the wood with protective remedies, impregnate, so that there will not be any vermin and rotting.





Covering width,

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  SHP ** 45x70 70


  SHP ** 45x90 90


  SH ** 50x100 100


  SH ** 50x150 150


  SH ** 50x200 200


  SH ** 60x200 200


  SH ** 70x200 200


Flooring gallery * - spruce * - pine


When installing wooden floor that are 15 - 25 mm thick, it is advisable to reduce the spaces between beams to 30 – 40 cm or to apply additional basis made out of subfloor, plywood or other panels. For this type of floor boards there is also an ability to apply another way of paving.

It is advised to use only dried wood for beams and it is possible to choose double-cut wood or planed wood products. Girders also can be impregnated with a brown or green colour. 

Length: 2.0-6.0 m. 


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