Glued timber

Glued timber is a natural product and a perfect alternative for steel and concrete. Glued timber beams are manufactured of natural timber, used for enablement, is rather strong and containing visual strength product, also being cheaper in comparison with steel and concrete.

Glued timber beams are manufactured by gluing planed timber of a high quality. During the gluing process water proof glue is being used under a high temperature and pressure.  After the complicated gluing process, a strong, stable, corrosion proof and undoubtedly more advantageous than steel or concrete, product is produced. 


Thickn./Width (mm)100120140160200240280320
60   x x x x x x x
80   x x x x x x x
100 x x x x x x x x
120   x x x x x x x
140     x x x x x x
160       x x x x x
180         x x x x
200         x x x x
220           x x x



Length: 1,0 – 30,0 m

Maximum height – 2000 mm

* In addition to these standard sizes, we can produce the glued timber products according to the given sizes and drawings.


Advantages of glued timber beams in buildings construction in comparison with steel and concrete:

  • as all the timber, glued timber constructions have insulating features. Cold bridges between external and internal structures can be avoided by using glued timber in buildings construction;
  • glued timber beams are environmentally friendly product, because they are made of renewing natures sources;
  •  glued timber beams weight 2/3 times lesser, compared with steel, and 1/6 times lesser, compared with concrete. However, glued timber beams provide equal  effect and incomparable universality, compared with these analogues;
  • glued timber beams also has a visual value and that is why it is not necessary to cover them as, for example, steel;
  • appliance of glued timber beams may be variable: they may be used as rafters, lintels, floor lap, columns and terraces, bridges; is also manufactured more easily than the majority of other constructions. Structural capability is infinite. Ever since the first time that glued timber beams were invented, they were used in constructing bridges, swimming pools, large open spaces, office blocks and sports hall as the primary structure;
  • glued timber beams may also be used in large interior spaces without interior supports up to 40 meter, however reasons of transportation usually limits such lengths;
  • glued timber is naturally durable and sturdy. Unlike other alternatives, beams resistance to fire provides safety and integrity in constructions. In addition, beams are chemically stable and are suitable for corrosive and humid environments.
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