Impregnated timber

Impregnated timber is processed by antiseptics in order to protect it from parasites, fungus and to make timber more lasting. Impregnated timber is perfectly suitable for outdoor usage: decking, summerhouses, bridges, children's playgrounds, etc. Impregnated timber is also harmless for people, animals and plants. Timber may be impregnated in two ways: by surface or by vacuum pressure way.

Surface impregnation is mostly used for double-cut timber impregnation. Timber is being soaked in industrial bath or sprayed by an antiseptic. Spraying method is usually used during winter, when industrial baths are frozen.

Double-cut timber as well as planed timber is impregnated in a vacuum pressure treatment. Vacuum pressure treatment is processed in autoclave, when using vacuum and pressure protective chemical substances are deeply pressed in timber structure. 


Stages of vacuum pressure treatment:

timber is loaded into autoclave and air is being sucked out from cylinder and structure of a tree by vacuum;  
autoclave is filled with impregnator. Green colour is obtained by impregnator Tanalith E and brown colour is obtained by Tanatone;
impregnator is pressed deeply into timber structure by using pressure;
excess of the impregnator is being sucked out of the autoclave by using vacuum and is placed into storage for further usage;
Using low pressure, pressed impregnator is being pressed deeper into timber structure;
  the impregnated timber is left for drying.


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