Wood impregnation by preservatives is done to protect the wood from pests, fungus and extend the durability of wood. Because of impregnation wood products are ideal for outdoor use: terraces, summerhouses, bridges, children’s playgrounds etc. impregnation protects the wood and is not harmful to people, animals and plants. You can choose wood impregnation method: surface or deep vacuum.
Surface impregnation is usually used for double-cut wood. Surface impregnation is done soaking wood in an industrial bath or spraying antiseptics. Spraying is mostly in winter when industrial baths are frozen.
Deep vacuum impregnation process is done in an autoclave, when protective substance is deeply impressed into wood structure using vacuum and pressure.

Stages of vacuum pressure treatment:

timber is loaded into autoclave and air is being sucked out from cylinder and structure of a tree by vacuum;  
autoclave is filled with impregnator. Green colour is obtained by impregnator Tanalith E and brown colour is obtained by Tanatone;
impregnator is pressed deeply into timber structure by using pressure;
excess of the impregnator is being sucked out of the autoclave by using vacuum and is placed into storage for further usage;
Using low pressure, pressed impregnator is being pressed deeper into timber structure;
  the impregnated timber is left for drying.


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