Industrial painting

Industrial wood boards painting by your choice. Painted outside claddings, shelter plates, boards for fence are durable. Automated painting line covers the surface of claddings  with an even layer of paint and this helps to avoid leaks, colour unevenness, and other paint defects. After painting one layer, the claddings are well dried, then another layer is painted. Industrial painting is done in the workshop and environmental factors do not have impact on claddings painting. Claddings can be painted any colour of your choice from the RAL colour system, which is well-known in Europe. Usually claddings painted industrially are covered with 3 or 4 layers.
Industrial painting3 layers4 layers4 layers
Used materials 1 layer of impregnant 1 layer of impregnant 1 layer of impregnant
2 layers of primer 1 layer of primer 1 layer of primer
2 layers of polish 2 layers of paint
Wood texture Visible Visible Invisible


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