Interior claddings

Interior timber claddings are high quality, because spruce and pine timber is carefully selected at first and only then processed in sawmills. Both interior and exterior claddings are reliable and comply with AB quality standards. Claddings are perfect aesthetic look and are durable, since all kinds of resin clusters, branch holes; blue stain, ratty or insect bitten areas are restricted.

You can choose timber of interior cladding: northern spruce or pine. All boards are planed and longitudinal grooves are incised on the back side of the product. They decrease distortion, resulting from internal timber exertion.

Timber usage for interior decoration has been popular for a very long time and nowadays interior claddings have become popular even more; they are used to decorate walls, ceilings, attics, because it is a natural material! Not only it is ecologic, it also creates a pleasant environment, warmth and regulates humidity in the room. 






Covering width,

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Interior claddings are dried in industrial way that is why the level of moisture reaches only 12%. Boards are wrapped in thermal insulation coating, which protects them from humidity and environmental impact while storing and transporting.

Quality Class AB or higher. Quality description.

Defects, that are invisible after mounting, are permissible.

Length: 2.0-6.0 m.

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