Oak flooring

Oak flooring from wood array was valued for a long time because of its substantiality, longevity, naturalness and are widely used for the finish of public, residential and representative room. Oak flooring are a real adornment for every house that perfectly matches other elements of interior, creating integral, luxurious and elegant style. Oak flooring are produced from thoroughly selected material, using modern technology and ways of processing that allow revealing unique and natural beauty of oak wood pattern together with colour scale that goes from dark brown, natural and white tones.






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Floor boards made out of oak array are very well dried, planed and trimmed from all four sides. It can be with natural, polished surface that is ready to be paved. The surface can also be coated in a special oil or high quality polish in an industrial way. Floor boards with structured, dater surface, when with a help of broom the flutes of wood are highlighted and exceptional beauty of the wooden pattern is revealed. In this ways features of decorative wood are highlighted and surface of the floor is protected from unwanted factor and mechanical breaches. When for the mounting of the floor, you are using in a commercial way oiled, polished floor boards, you save the time for installation and there is no need to additionally oil or polish surface, tidy work space is maintained.


For your choice we can offer a wide assortment of floor boards: varying from floor boards that have only a few, healthy branches to unlimited amount of branches, expressive floor boards. A wide variety of dimensions and colour range will let you create exceptional interior and be happy with your cosy and nice home. Oak floor will serve a few decades without losing its attractive appearance.


Oak flooring are dried in industrial way that is why the level of moisture reaches only 9%. Boards are wrapped in thermal insulation coating, which protects them from humidity and environmental impact while storing and transporting.

Quality Class AB or higher. Quality description.

Defects, that are invisible after mounting, are permissible.

Length: 0.5-2.5 m. 

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