Oak parquet panels

Oak parquet panels are of high quality, natural and stylish floor covering that is widely used to install floor in residential and public buildings. Oak parquet panels are produced in an industrial way by gluing two layers of wood.

Upper layer of parquet panel is oak sheets that are 4 or 6 mm thick. This layer guarantees long lastingness and ecologic properties of floor covering, together creating exceptional and elegant surface painting. Ways of coating upper layer of double-layered oak parquet panel: polished without the finished, oiled or lacquered, structured – aged. When there is a need, the surface of the floor can be polished again one or several times and in this way renewed.





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For the bottom layer of the parquet panel or the basis, plywood resistant to the humidity or oak array construction that are qualitative are used. Oak sheets (upper layer) and bottom layer are glued together in a vertical position from the point of one another.


This type of production technology ensures that when the humidity and temperature in the room changes, the dimensions of the parquet plank remain steady. Double-layered oak parquet panels are suitable for installation of under-floor heating. They can also be used in rooms that are of increased humidity. There are several ways to pave oak parquet panels. Usually parquet panels are glued to flat concrete or wooden basis, and parquet panels that are of bigger dimensions are attached and glued to wooden basis with screw nails.


Oak parquet panels are dried in industrial way that is why the level of moisture reaches only 9%. Boards are wrapped in thermal insulation coating, which protects them from humidity and environmental impact while storing and transporting.

Quality Class AB or higher. Quality description.

Defects, that are invisible after mounting, are permissible.

Length: 0.5-2.5 m. 

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