Painted claddings

For your selection we offer claddings painted in industrial way. Outdoor claddings, boards for house shelters nailing, boards for fences, painted by an automatic line, are more durable. When painting in industrial way claddings surface is covered by an equal paint layer, this way avoiding leakage, uneven colours and other painting defects. After one layer is painted, claddings are well dried and then another layer is painted. Cladding painting is processed in workshop, so environmental factors have no impact for painting. We can paint claddings in any colour you have selected, according to RAL colour system, which is well known throughout Europe. Claddings are usually painted in 3 or 4 layers. 


Industrial painting3 layers4 layers4 layers
Used materials 1 layer of impregnant 1 layer of impregnant 1 layer of impregnant
2 layers of primer 1 layer of primer 1 layer of primer
2 layers of polish 2 layers of paint
Wood texture Visible Visible Invisible


Advantages of industrial painting:

Obtained high quality of painting: there are no changes in colour, no stripes or leakages.

Painted claddings are protected from environmental factors.

Industrial painting increases boards endurance, because it is frequently covered by an equal amount of paint.

Saves time and reduces work expenditures.

Claddings, painted in industrial way are especially convenient to use in fall or in winter, when air conditions disables to properly prepare them for mounting.

Paint dripping and splashing is reduced, thus the work place remains clean. 


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