Planed timber

Planed timber covers a wide range of planed timber products. Raw material of planed timber is a high quality timber of pine, spruceand larch. Quality of planed timber products is ascertained by a special quality system when planed products are resorted according to quality categories. Excellent and accurate timber processing also reduces demand for additional polishing.

Our range covers a wide range of profiles and if there is a demand we can produce timber products according to your drawings. Planed timber products may also be planed with a tongue and groove at the ends of plank, this way reducing wastes to a minimum. Planed rectangular that have all four sides smooth and planed may be classified according to the strength calibration.

With the help of a complicated processing of a double sawing dried timber, accurate final product is obtained. Main advantage of planed timber is accuracy of sizes and smooth surface of all four sides of the plank.      


Thickn./Width (mm)457095145195
18 x x x x x
21 x x x x x
28 x x x x  
35   x x x x
40   x x    
45 x x x x x
70   x      


Length: 2,0 – 6,0 m

* In addition to these standard sizes, we can produce planed timber products according to the given sizes and drawings. 


Other advantages of a planed timber:

  • wide range of sizes and profiles;
  • manufacture according to presented drawings or sample;
  • suitability for outdoor or interior works;
  • universal appliance; 

For its advantages, planed timber is widely used in various areas: starting with industry, building constructions and ending with outdoor or interior decor. 


Final appliance of planed timber:

  • furniture timber (e.g. boards of bed bottom)
  • construction timber;
  • rectangles, planed  from all four sides;
  • outdoor and interior claddings;
  • floor and terrace boards;
  • fence boards, etc.
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