Roofing boards

For the raw material of claddings for house shelter there is used spruce timber, which is carefully selected in an optic way before processing and is once again resorted to quality categories after planing. This way ascertains high quality of timber claddings. There are several kinds of claddings produced: with planed and fine sawn surface or with steep or rounded angles. This is being done for both - aesthetic and practical means. Claddings for house shelter forging are without overlapping for air to move free and there may also be with curved claddings beneath.    






Covering width,

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Dailylentė stačiakampis SHP * 18x95 / 18x120 95 / 120  Inquiry
SHP * 18x145 / 18x170 145 / 170 Inquiry
SHP * 18x195 195 Inquiry
Dailylentė stačiakampis SH * 18x95 / 18x120 95 / 120  Inquiry
SH * 18x145 / 18x170 145 / 170 Inquiry
Dailylentė stačiakampis - šiurkštus SH S * 21x95 / 21x120 95 / 120 Inquiry
SH S * 21x145 145 Inquiry
Rombo dailylentės Rhombus * 18x95 / 18x120 88 / 113 Inquiry
Rhombus * 18x145 138 Inquiry
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Planed from four or three sides timber boards are dried in industrial way that is why the level of moisture reaches 16%.

Boards are wrapped in thermal insulation coating, which protects them from humidity and environmental impact while storing and transporting. 

Quality Class AB or higher. Quality description.

Defects, that are invisible after mounting, are permissible.

Length: 2.0-6.0 m. 

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