Sawn timber

Timber products cut from carefully selected pine wood or sprucelog timber are called sawn timber. According to the processing, sawn timber is divided into single-cut timber and double-cut timber.    

Single-cut timber is called timber products that are sawn on two sides by a strip saw and other two sides are left non-sawn – with a bark. Single-cut timber is used for construction of temporary buildings, constructions and planking. 

Double-cut timber is called such timber products that are sawn on all four sides, for example boards, girders, rafters, rafter construction support and strings. Double-cut timber is universal and easily susceptible to further processing material, out of which buildings and roof constructions are erected, fences are built and wooden subfloor and subheadings are placed. 


Thickn./Width (mm)50100125150200 
25 x x x x x
30 x x x x x
35 x x x x x
40 x x x x x
50 x x x x x
60 x x x x x
70 x x x x x
80 x x x x x
100 x x x x x
150 x x x x x
200 x x x x x


Length: 2,0 – 6,0 m

* In addition to these standard sizes, we can produce the double-cut wood and planed timber products according to the given sizes and drawings.


Sawn timber of various levels of moisture and processing is offered:

  • naturally moisture timber, i.e. freshly sawn timber;
  • air-dried timber – kind of timber that was kept for drying in a natural way;
  • dried timber are called such timber products that dried in special chambers;
  • impregnated timber is such type of timber that is protected by antiseptics and flame retardants.  
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