Wood processing

Various wood processing techniques allow produce wood that meets specific requirements and apply it in different areas:
• Primary wood processing is cutting from the four sides, when rectangular boards, beams are made, this is double-cut wood;
• Further possible wood processing is industrial drying;
• Also wood processing using preservatives and retardants. Wood impregnation soaking in bath, deep vacuum impregnation, fire impregnation are done;
• Wood-moisture gives a specific profile to rectangular boards. This wood processing stage is the widest since after the moisture wood becomes a particular wood product, for example claddings, floor boards, terrace boards, boards for fence, structural wood etc.;
• A special wood processing is pasting, the wood is glued from dried lamella, this give non-standard sizes, lengths, curved shapes. This wood processing extends the natural characteristics of solid wood allowing the widespread use of wood as a construction material.
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